By: Anna Panacci

Low Interest Rates

Tags: House Price vs Interest Rates

There is a lot of talk in the news these days regarding how low the interests rates are and the affects on house prices. Some buyers are telling me they want to wait until the market corrects itself. Not sure that will really happen. If we look at the historical data, housing prices have increased over time in popular areas. Let's look at what your parents purchased their first home in the 1960's for and see what that home is worth today? I'm betting it is a lot more than when they purchased it. If you have a down payment and have been pre-approved, what are you waiting for. It is important to be realistic as well. Know all the factors when purchasing a home, what additional bills will be required, maintenance and maintaining your life style. Invest in yourself and invest in your future. Call today and I will be there to help you find the right home.